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Alternative Funerals & Funeral Plans

Are you on a budget and need information about alternative funerals? Do you need to contact a cremation service provider that’s close to the Brea, CA vicinity? When it comes to alternative funerals, you have the convenience to obtain exceptional service from the friendly professional staff at Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc. We serve Brea, Buena Park, Anaheim Hills and all other nearby areas. If you want to avoid the expensive route of traditional burial, you have the alternative to have your loved one cremated.


Did you know that over 62% of the Orange County population select cremation as their preferred cost-effective alternative choice? At Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc., Cremation is professionally performed by the most experienced and qualified professionals. For many people, cremation is a better choice instead of having their loved ones buried in the ground. By selecting cremation,, high funeral costs can be completely avoided, as you will not have to go through the process of buying an expensive casket for the deceased, hiring makeup artists for the deceased, paying for a burial spot, or incurring the expense of having the body embalmed. 

If you want to make funeral plans, you have the convenience to meet with the esteemed professionals at Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc. A funeral ritual is beneficial when you want to celebrate the life of your loved one. These days, the process of arranging for the funeral needs of a deceased can be easily achieved when you turn to professionals that are committed to your needs. If you’re concerned about making funeral plans for a deceased, we are eager to assist you every step of the way.

Whether you live in Brea, Buena Park or in another nearby community, you can come down to Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc to discuss your funeral needs. For more information about the costs of our services, visit our website today at

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