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Urn & Cremation vs Burial Costs

Do you want to make a lasting memory with a cremation urn from a location that’s close to the Buena Park, CA vicinity? Did you know that a cremation service is nearby to assist you with the remains of your loved one? Pay us a visit at Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc. We serve Buena Park, Anaheim Hills, Fullerton and all other surrounding areas in the Orange County, California. When you’re in need of a special Urn that is cost-effective and also meaningful, you can turn to the right professionals that will surpass your expectations.


From the place of death to the crematory, you have the peace of mind that your loved one is in capable hands and being treated with the utmost respect from a group of caring professionals. Instead of an expensive traditional burial, you can opt for an affordable way for final disposition of the remains of your loved one. The cremation will be performed by a certified team that will have the process carefully carried out from start to finish.

Are you trying to make the decision between cremation vs burial costs? If you’re not certain about which option to make, you can seek advice from the professional staff at Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc. We are a friendly and courteous staff that is always focused on providing people with the personalized services they need. When it comes to cremation vs burial costs, we’re the esteemed professionals that will supply you with the information you need. Whenever you have questions or concerns about the final disposition disposal of your loved one, we’re here to help you along the way. 

Whether you live in Buena Park, Anaheim Hills or in another nearby community, we invite you to use the services of Fond Remembrance Cremation Services, Inc. For more details about making arrangements, visit us at

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